Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Here We Go Again

For those who have been reading my blog recently, they will have noticed rather few posts. For the past week and a bit, I've been on vacation and largely outside the blogosphere. But now I've returned, and my nitpicking and esoteric comments will be back. And I've added a few photo from the trip, just for kicks.

Moreover, those who have read my blog have probably also noticed that I have officially declared my support for Ignatieff. My name now appears on Cerberus' list under the Ignatieff supporters, and you'll find one of the pretty buttons linking to the Iggy website on the sidebar.

I did this with some hesitation, as, truth to tell, I like several of the leadership candidates. In a slightly different world, I might be opting to support another candidate. And there are several candidates who I would not be unhappy to see win.

But I also like Ignatieff. I like his policy positions. I like his style and charisma. I like his experiences. And to be frank, I like his honesty. He may at times appear to be an inexperienced politician, but I think this reflects more an intellectual honesty that many seasoned politicians lack rather than any inability on his part.

I also like Ignatieff because, of all the candidates, I think he has the greatest potential of any of the candidates to mount an assault against the Conservatives when the next election comes. The Conservatives will have mud to sling at him, but Ignatieff is also a man who can inspire Canadians. He's the kind of leader that people can get excited about.

Anyways, that's my very general justification. I could mention more on policy specifics and electability, but readers of this blog can probably pick up on that from my other posts. Enough on that for now.


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