Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Ignatieff's Op/Ed on Lebanon

Finally, one of the leadership candidates has said something worthwhile on the conflict in Lebanon. While Ignatieff's entry may have been late--for which he has certainly taken enough criticism--his article in the Globe and Mail showed not only an understanding of the issues, but also reasoned and thoughtful insights.

One genuinely gets the sense that, unlike the statements of many candidates, his position is not made exclusively for political gain. Rather, it's meant to be a meaningful contribution to the debate on what to do in Lebanon. My kudos to him for a late but positive entry on the subject.

Kennedy's statement, on the other hand, shows that sometimes making a statement for its own sake is less than a waste of time. He manages to say little of substance while instead trying to score political points with standard Liberal platitudes that demonstrate little understanding of the nature of the conflict.

If he continues to harbour aspirations of being leader of this country, he ought to demonstrate a capacity for reasoned thought on issues important to Canadians.


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