Friday, September 08, 2006

Dion's Academic Honesty More in Question

When the news first came out about the similarities between Dion's environmental platform and the materials produced by the Suzuki foundation, I gave Dion the benefit of the doubt. While there was some kind of an error made, it probably wasn't too big, at least in my opinion. But errors made more recently are.

Dion's people have stated that "The same people who worked on the two plans made the same proposals." Funnily enough, however, it turns out that only one person worked on the Suzuki Foundation's report, and he is not connected to the Dion campaign. Now that's a problem.

It's one thing to have made a simple mistake of some kind. It's entirely another one to have outright lied in such a transparent fashion. What on earth is going on with Dion's campaign team?

Admit a mistake. Or at least, if your a jaded cynic, try to spin something to seem like the mistake you made was pretty small. Don't try to cover your tracks by lying about it.


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